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Love, approval, affirmation of worth, beauty and wholeness are critical for the development and growth of the black child. As they seek to discover themselves and build within them a positive and healthy self esteem, the messages, coming from those rearing them shape there self- reflections. It’s the responsibility and constant challenge of the black parent and

those raising black children, to furnish them with approval and confirmation of their worthiness. To ensure that they are reminded daily that they too have been touched by the Hand Of God and are wonderfully and fearfully made. Remind them daily that they the are better than the stereotypes of them displayed in media. Remind them that their dreams can and should be their futures. Remind them that they too can become whatever they desire to be. So raise that black child to know that who and what they shall become is not in the minds of others in society, but within their own minds. Their thoughts define and sets the course in life to who they shall become and what they shall accomplish.

E. L. Palmer Sr.

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